The Little Mermaid - June 03 - June 10, 2022

HWDSB Programs of the Arts at Glendale

 Who's Who 

  • Meghan Bender head shot

    Meghan Bender

    as Ariel (Adriatic)

    Meghan is ecstatic to be playing the role of Ariel in this production of The Little Mermaid. Previously, she was the lead singer for the Hamilton All Star Jazz Band (2019-2020), she played Pilar in Legally Blonde (GA Productions, 2020), Sophie in Mamma Mia (Zamprogna Arts, 2019) Little Red in Into The Woods (Linus Hand Productions, 2019), Gabriella in High School Musical (Linus Hand Productions, 2018), Aquata in The Little Mermaid (Linus Hand Productions, 2017), and more. Meghan’s favourite part of the show was learning harmonies for the ensemble songs and hearing them come together. She would like to thank the entire production crew and pit crew, this show would not be possible without their incredibly hard and dedicated work. She would also like to thank her teachers for their continued support and hard work. She would also like to thank her vocal coach Tom Oliver and lastly, she would like to thank her loving parents, their support is everything to her.

  • Elaina Zacharia head shot

    Elaina Zacharia

    as Ariel (Caspian)

    Elaina is extremely thrilled to be out of the traditional and online classroom and into the sea of our production of The Little Mermaid as Ariel and Ensemble. This is the first year Elaina has been part of the Glendale Arts. Prior, she was part of a few productions: Elf Jr. (2018), Beauty and the Beast (2019), and Ten Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (2022), Elaina was always excited to walk into the room every morning not knowing what would be next. A defining moment was when she learned one of the first dances as Ariel. Even though it was terrifying, it was an amazing experience. Elaina would like to thank her family for all the times they had background music or were pulled to run lines and watch choreography. Elaina would also like to thank her teachers, the cast, pit band members, the production team, stage team, and all other humans involved for their positive hard work every single day.

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