Disney's Newsies Jr - June 08 - June 10, 2023

Highlander Theatre Company at Somerville High School


The Highlander Theatre Company at Somerville High School wishes to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for their support of NEWSIES JR.


Somerville Mayor Katjana Ballantyne and the Somerville City Council


Somerville Public Schools Interim Superintendent Dr. Jeff Curley,

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jessica Boston Davis,

Assistant Superintendent Chad Mazza, and

the Somerville School Committee


Alicia Kersten, Interim Co-Principal, Someville High School

Sebastian LaGambina, Interim Co-Principal, Somerville High School

Jodi Remington, Somerville High School Associate Principal

Beverly Mosby and the SHS Department of Music and Theatre Arts


Somerville Department of Public Works


Jennifer Demariano and the SHS Graphics Department


All of our Family, Teacher, and Community Volunteers who helped us construct our set, promote our show, and keep our students fed and cared for throughout the entire rehearsal process, including:


Andrew Calorio

Rachel Chagnon

Candice Cook

Briana Grandoit

Chris Grandoit

Heather & TJ Hagerty

Takako Iseda

Annie Kim

Christianna Morgan

Mike Murray

Zoe Nadal

Mike Piehl

Cador Pricejones

Mathilde Radiguet & Lise Gast

Bill Scully





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