Disney's Newsies Jr - June 08 - June 10, 2023

Highlander Theatre Company at Somerville High School


Production Team  
Charles Jabour  
Music Director  
Dana Sheridan  
Ava Untermyer  
SAY Mentor for Costumes & Props Construction  
Deneen Scully  
SAY Mentor for Scenic Construction  
Thomas P. Morgan  
SAY Production Associate  
Izzy Watson  
Assistant Director  
Alice Gamache*  
Stage Manager  
Eleanor Wilczek*  
Deputy Stage Manager  
Alice Hunter*  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Anarghya Rajbanshi*  
Costumes Mentor and Crew Head  
Jay Oakes*  
Costumes Co-Crew Head  
Ray Switkes*  
Dance Mentor  
Calla Taylor*  
Set Mentor & Run Crew  
Molly Milbury*  
Set Mentor & Run Crew  
Tierney Limerick  
Set Mentor & Run Crew  
Serena Wong*  
Scenic & Lighting Designer  
Madeline Zarecor*  
Performance Mentor  
Maya Grandoit*  
Performance Mentor  
Catherine Kiely-Ilch*  
Performance Mentor  
Anastasia Miller*  
Performance Mentor  
Lidia Ramos  
Properties Mentor & Crew Head  
Ana Gruesz*  
Sound Mentor & Crew Head  
Parker Zayas*  
Assistant Sound Crew Head  
Ethan Barros  
Production Crew  
Zoe Arnell  
Production Crew  
Ella Barros  
Production Crew  
Gabriel Barros  
Production Crew  
Enzo Calorio  
Production Crew  
Luka Dvornik  
Production Crew  
Marco Membreno-Gomez  

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