Parents Just Don't Understand - February 09 - February 16, 2024

John Poole Middle School


The Phamtom Players would like to give a special thanks to...


Mr. Green

Mrs. Orrence

Ms. D'Aiutolo

Mrs. Crutchfield

Mrs. DiMarzio

For your amazing support in bringing this program back to life.


Mrs. Morris

Mr. Carpenter

Mrs. Bennett

Mr. Davis

Mr. Zinsser

For the use of a classroom and setting up this show.


Mr. Gemmel and the following art students:

Brady, James, Paulina, Addison, Jennifer, Lilia, Josie, Eva, Madeline, Kaya, Danny, Haley, Maddi, Chris, Asher, Addison, Lily, Sophia, Lela, Finn, Brynn, Charlotte, Sofia, Vivian, Cora, Lucy, Jordan, Maybelle, Ella, Cassidy, Evan, Maisy, Bailey, Myra, Anna, Angie, Ellen, Zoe

For painting our wonderful backdrop and some of our set pieces.


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