Parents Just Don't Understand - February 09 - February 16, 2024

John Poole Middle School

 Director's Note 

To me theather was a bonding experience with my daughter.  As a theater dad through her three years at JPMS I got to see some pretty amazing things.  I then followed her to highschool where I followed her through her four years at PHS.  I had the pleasure of working under two wonderful directors Nathaniel Gordon and Billy Lewis.  I would never trade a second of that time for anything in the world.  I have become a firm believer that the arts are an important part of who we are and who we should be.  I am honored that to be able to guide our kids through this experince.  I hope that after the show you are just as proud of them as I am.  They are talented and more importantly they are good people at heart.


- Mr. Jones (Mr. Brooks)

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