Madagascar Jr. - May 20 - May 21, 2023

Judith P. Hoyer Montessori

  Who's Who: Intro to MTP  

  • Amir Adams head shot

    Amir Adams

    Amir is a second grader in Ms. Hall’s class. He has enjoyed learning new things in Intro. to MTP. This is Amir’s debut performance.

  • Bella Laney head shot

    Bella Laney

    Bella Laney is a very happy and outgoing second grader. Some of her favorite subjects include Math and Science; she especially enjoys experiments. Bella enjoys singing, dancing, and anything that includes performing.

  • Bella Haruna head shot

    Bella Haruna

    Bella Haruna is very quiet and shy. She is excited to perform on the stage.

  • Benjamin Zapf head shot

    Benjamin Zapf

    Ben is a very happy and loving Kindergarten student. He loves to hug and is always smiling. Ben is excited to be on stage.

  • Brooke Furnkranz head shot

    Brooke Furnkranz

    Brooke is a budding artist who has a love for fashion, dance and making videos. You may find her on the basketball court, soccer field, playing video games, hanging with her friends, or at the beach. This is Brooke’s first theatrical debut.

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