Madagascar Jr. - May 20 - May 21, 2023

Judith P. Hoyer Montessori

 Who's Who 

  • Aaron Harewood head shot

    Aaron Harewood

    as Alex

    Aaron likes cooking, baking, running, doing science, crocheting karate, and other sports like lacrosse. He also loves acting and watching anime; the genres vary from action to fantasy. He likes thinking of inventive ideas and writing them down in his journal.

  • Adesola Akinyode head shot

    Adesola Akinyode

    Adesola is a fourth grade student who loves gymnastics. She is playing the roles of Penguin and Lee.

  • Andrea Mundy head shot

    Andrea Mundy

    as Gloria

    Andrea is a seventh grade student who loves to draw and sing. Andrea is looking forward to her role as Gloria.

  • Arafat Babalola head shot

    Arafat Babalola

    Arafat is a third grader who loves to draw. She is appearing as both Foosa and Penguin.

  • Christina Olakanye head shot

    Christina Olakanye

    Christina is in the sixth grade and her favorite thing to do is play games. She will play the role of Kowalski.

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