Madagascar Jr. - May 20 - May 21, 2023

Judith P. Hoyer Montessori






Madagascar A Musical Adventure Jr. was such a fun story to bring MTP back to the stage after our pandemic hiatus. Most of you are new to MTP and it’s been a pleasure coaching you and exploring your talents. Theatre is a tool to enhance natural talents, build confidence and expand our imaginations in a safe space. It is my hope that each of you keep exploring, taking risks and building your voice.  


A big thanks to the pre-show performers who used their imaginations to jump into the wonders of storytelling! Continue to grow in the Arts and have fun on stage!




This year was like the first year all over again since most families are new to the MTP Community. MTP depends heavily on parent support and quite a few answered the call.  


Special thanks to:


My Power Team; Carolyn Berry and Naureen Khan. These ladies were by my side every step of the way and worked directly with the cast every week since we began;


The Davis, Berry and Khan families who have supported us and sacrificed much through this process while we poured into our Hoyer youth; 


Ms. Cole and Ms. Dembele for stepping up and leading Intro. to MTP so the younger ones could explore their imaginations;


Ms. Spivey White for her support of MTP and arts integration in school;


The teachers and staff for supporting our students participating in the program;


Annalisa Meyer, Mercy Alvarenga and our gifted student set/prop team for your collaborative contributions, creativity and time with the set and props; 


Tiffany Hennigan, Rose Green and Mercy Alvarenga for your time, energy and support with sourcing costumes for our cast;


Whitney Rhodes and Dawn Berkeley for your graphic artistry with the beautiful flyer and program;


Jamella Smith for providing the great headshots for both casts;


Demonn Frazier and Mekai Davis for working the lights and sound;


MTP Families for supporting your child, being backstage parents, selling tickets/concessions, planning the upcoming star cast party and more. Our students deserve the best! 


With gratitude,


Carolyn Davis, Artistic Director


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