Emma! A Pop Musical - July 15 - July 17, 2021

Just Off Broadway Theatre

 Director's Notes 

Just Off Broadway began as a dinnertime discussion topic between my father and me. We would brainstorm about all of these incredible ways to increase theatrical interest within the young people of our community. It finally came to fruition with its first production premiering in 2015. Seeing the program really take on a life of its own has been incredibly fulfilling.

During my dad's battle with glioblastoma, he was unable to continue to direct the shows and I was lucky enough to be able to step up and become more and more involved. It was never a question in my mind as to whether or not I would keep the program running. I never had a doubt. 

Sharing knowledge with the younger generations was always something my father had a knack for and I only hope I can continue trying to do what he did best. 

To the students who stuck it out with me this year, thank you. 

To the colleagues who picked me up when I fell and who picked up my slack, thank you. 

To the donors and other beneficiaries that are helping to keep us afloat, thank you.

And to all of the unsung heroes that maybe I do not even know about, I cannot thank you enough. 

I am so lucky to be continuing this tradition and I cannot wait to see where Just Off Broadway goes from here!

"If it falls, pick it up. If someone falls, help them up" -- Greg Shaw

McKenna Shaw 

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