Emma! A Pop Musical - July 15 - July 17, 2021

Just Off Broadway Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Abby Albright (She/Her) head shot

    Abby Albright (She/Her)

    Abby is going to be an 8th grader at Frontenac. This is her fourth JOB show. She dances for the Y Academy of Dance. She also runs track, cross-country, and wrestles. She is super pumped for you to see this show!

  • Emerson Albright (She/Her) head shot

    Emerson Albright (She/Her)

    This is Emerson's first show. She is going to be a fifth-grader at Frontenac. She really enjoys dancing and singing. She is very happy she got to be a part of the experience and is loving it!

  • Emma Annan-Noonoo (She/Her) head shot

    Emma Annan-Noonoo (She/Her)

    Emma is so pumped to be in a musical that features her own name! She has been involved in JOB shows since the very first one and is happy to be ending her high school career with Emma! She will be attending Texas Christian University in the fall to major in Acting. 

  • Annabella Beachner (She/Her) head shot

    Annabella Beachner (She/Her)

    Annabella is going to be a freshman at Pittsburg State University. You might've last seen her as Ms. Scarlett in PHS's Clue or as the Historian/Minstrel in Spamalot. Annabella has had the most fun in this Girl Power Show and hopes that you go totally crazy for it, too!

  • Jay-Lynn Bingham (She/Her) head shot

    Jay-Lynn Bingham (She/Her)

    This is Jay-Lynn's first show with Just Off Broadway. She is instilled with joy to be here! Jay-Lynn is a dancer at The Y Academy of Dance. She was last seen as the Dance Captain in Alice in Wonderland at Pittsburg Community Middle School. 

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