Emma! A Pop Musical - July 15 - July 17, 2021

Just Off Broadway Theatre


Act One  
Scene One
Chapel of Love  
Emma, Mr. Weston, Miss Taylor, Comapny
Man, I Feel Like a Woman  
Emma, Harriet, Company
Scene Two
Be My Baby  
Harriet, Company
How Will I Know?  
Harriet, Emma, Company
King of Anything  
Emma, Jeff, Company
Girls Just Want to Have Fun  
Jane, Harriet, Emma, Company
Scene Three
You Can't Hurry Love  
The Welcoming Committee, Emma, Harriet
Things I'll Never Say  
Jeff, Company
Frankie, Emma, Harriet, Jane, Jeff, Company
Act Two  
Scene One
Whatta Man/You Gotta Be  
Miss Bates, Company
Straight Up  
Emma, Frnakie, Company
Scene Two
Bad, Bad Crush  
Harriet, Jane
Scene Three
Emma, Jeff, Ashley, Phillip
Emma, Frankie, Jeff, Company
Scene Four
Turn the Beat Around/ I Wanna Dance with Somebody  
Ashley, The Welcoming Committee, Harriet, Emma, Company
Scene Five
Harriet, Jane, Frankie, Emma, Jeff, Company
Emma, Jeff, Harriet, Jane, Frankie, Martin, Company

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