Devadasi- An Adaptation of La Bayadere - August 10

Kalalaya Indian Performing Arts


Crew Members  
Technical Director/FOH Engineer  
Derek Harris  
Assistant Technical Director/Lights  
Dylan Collins  
Backstage Help  
Ramya Karthic  
Backstage Help  
Sharda Kundurthi  














Kalalaya Indian Performing Arts was founded in 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music is taught to students of all ages and levels. Bharatanatyam is the classical Indian dance originating from Tamil Nadu. It has gained popularity across India and the rest of the world as a very versatile art form used to entertain as well as to communicate stories and messages, both traditional and contemporary. Carnatic Music is the classical Indian music from South India. Carnatic Music has a rich history and tradition and its popularity has recently been revived by the younger generation of professional Carnatic musicians. Kalalaya Indian Performing Arts brings these rich traditions to students and arts enthusiasts of San Antonio.

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