Disney's High School Musical JR. - June 04 - June 06, 2021

Lake Bluff Middle School


To Dr. Leali, the Administrative Team, and the LBMS teaching staff- thank you for helping us to work creatively and flexibly to bring this experience to our students!


Nate Blackmer- thank you for helping to film our show!  Whether using a drone or a one wheel, you gave us some fantastic shots!


Judy Gross- as always you are there when we need you!  Thank you for helping at rehearsals!  


Mallory Jorgensen- thank you for taking the time to take all of the beautiful headshots that we used for the cast board and playbill!


Elizabeth Coppins - thank you for glitzing our lunch trays and putting up posters to promote the show! 


Carrol Stovold- thank you for the bows & bedazzling- you always make our shows sparkle!


Darren Few- our green screens couldn’t have been constructed without you- thank you!


Lisa Prieto-Maher, Susan Morris, Paisley Valentincic, Kirsti Lamp, Dawn Nicholson- thank you for giving our kids the “cast party” that they deserve!  


To the entire Lake Bluff Community, thank you for helping us to promote the most important message:  We’re All In This Together!


With gratitude,

The High School Musical Jr Team

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