Disney's High School Musical JR. - June 04 - June 06, 2021

Lake Bluff Middle School


Cast Members  
Troy Bolton  
Ryan Valentincic  
Gabriella Montez  
Lilly Arenas  
Ms. Darbus  
Lilly Walsh  
Taylor McKessie  
Kayden Prieto  
Chad Danforth  
Raunak Singh  
Sharpay Evans  
Phoebe Twichell  
Ryan Evans  
Maddy Cummins  
Coach Bolton  
Tim Dan  
Kelsi Nielsen  
Daisy Grottolo  
Jack Scott  
Andres Gonzales  
Zeke Baylor  
James Wang  
Ms. Tenney  
Kay Perry  
Cheerleaders and Pommers  
Maria Alzamora
Bella Daehler
Maggie Gilleran
Clare Kaiser
Pilar Phillips
Lilly Stauffer
Madeline Swanson
Lilly Walsh
Kate Westerman
Kaia Few
Katie Kollasch
Alex Reidy
Ava Phillips
Braniacs and Musicians  
Claire Beckman
Grace Walsh
Samantha Morris
Maddy Smith
HSM Ensemble  
Sara Coppins
Lily Lamp
Lila McBean
Amelie Nicholson
Giana Paradowski
Olivia Smith

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