Disney's High School Musical JR. - June 04 - June 06, 2021

Lake Bluff Middle School

 Who's Who 

  • Ryan Valentincic head shot

    Ryan Valentincic

    as Troy Bolton

    Ryan is an 8th grader who was in Footloose Ensemble and Olaf in Frozen.  Besides performing he also enjoys baseball, guitar, and frisbee.  Ryan's favorite part of the musical is getting to work together as a team on one amazing project.  He would like to thank his family for being supportive and Mr. H, Ms. C, and Mrs. Olmstead for pushing him to be the best he can be!

  • Lilly Arenas head shot

    Lilly Arenas

    as Gabriella Montez

    Lilly Arenas is an 8th grade student who has performed previously as an ensemble member of Footloose and Frozen.  She has been singing as long as she can remember.  Besides singing, she also enjoys playing the guitar.  She has enjoyed hanging out with her castmates and would like to thank all the adults involved for their hard work putting the musical together!  

  • Lilly Walsh head shot

    Lilly Walsh

    as Ms. Darbus

    Lilly is an 8th grader who was a featured dancer in both Footloose and Frozen.  She loves singing, acting, and dancing because you can have fun and be yourself.  She has enjoyed working together with her classmates on this production and would like to thank her friends and family!

  • Kayden Prieto head shot

    Kayden Prieto

    as Taylor McKessie

    Kaden is a 7th grader who was a featured dancer in Frozen.  Singing, acting, and dancing bring her so much joy, especially when she is on stage. The cast is a like a family with friendships that will last a lifetime!  She would like to thank her mom and dad for always encouraging her to follow her dreams.  

  • Raunak Singh head shot

    Raunak Singh

    as Chad Danforth

    Raunak is an 8th grader and this is first show!  Besides singing, acting, and dancing, he also enjoys sports, piano, and art.  He has enjoyed meeting new people and would like to thank his parents for supporting him.  He is so glad to have had the opportunity to be in the musical this year!

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