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   Notes from the Playwrights   

Phantom Limb


This is one of the most difficult plays I've ever written. Diving so specifcally and precisely into the psyche of characters can be difficult, but I found while writing that nothing is ever perfect. People's motivations behind their actions are never fully clear, least of all to people doing actions themselves. I wanted to use this and create characters who didn't fully understand each other or themselves, but who could still empathize and do their best to comprehend the world around them. Thank you to everyone who helped with writing this play, especially Tira Palmquist, and thank you to Riley Dun and Mitchell Huntley for allowing my characters' story to be told.


I hope you enjoy Phantom Limb.


- Matt Gannon


Paved with Good Intentions


Paved with Good Intentions was written mostly on a plane. I say that not to brag about writing over a short amount of time (there’s a saying that great work comes in short spurts), but to perhaps point out the irony of being between the heavens and Earth when writing about the nitty gritty of selfish human behavior and the consequence of going to Hell.


This show started out with a thought experiment based off of Friedrich Nietzsche. I thought about how his philosophies of the übermensch were warped by those like the Nazis and Leopold and Loeb to justify murder and atrocities. I asked the question “if all this was derived from Nietzsche, would he have gone to Heaven or Hell?” I asked “what matters more in death? Your life or your legacy?”


I don’t know the answer yet, and I’m not sure anyone can answer it easily, but I hope this show can help find that answer.


- Mitchell Huntley

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