Leatherbound NewWorks Festival (Saturday Shows) - June 15

Leatherbound Productions


We at Leatherbound Productions are so grateful for the generous support and enthusiasm around our projects and, specifically, the Leatherbound NewWorks Festival. A festival of student work has been one of our goals since our inception and we are blown away by not only the support we’ve received from the community, but also the sheer talent and creativity of the students involved with the project. This took dedication and commitment and we are proud to have worked with hard-working students in all aspects of the theatre.


We would like to thank Craig Tyrl from Cal State Fullerton and the Grand Central Art Center for giving us the space to be creative and showcase student work. It is rare to find anyone supportive of new work, much less work by students, but Craig and the GCAC have been so vital and so instrumental in making this dream a reality and we offer them our sincerest thanks.


We would like to thank our parents who have been encouraging and pushed us forward in all our artistic endeavors. We cannot begin to thank them enough.


And, we would like to acknowledge our GoFundMe supporters, without whom this project could not have seen the light of day:


Story Supporters ($100+):

  • Blythe Dun
  • Natalie Meyerson


Leather Supports ($75+):

  • Carrie Hempel


Hardcover Supporters ($50+):

  • Carolyn Baggarly
  • Laura La Ferr
  • Allison Johnson
  • Tracy Bremmer


Paperback Supports ($20+):

  • Wendy Tobiska
  • Kevin Dun
  • Lara Bachelder


Additional Supporters:

  • McGuire Price


Without all your gracious and generous support, we could not have put on all these wonderful shows by all these fantastic artists. Your donations were instrumental to getting this project on its feet, and for that we offer you our ceaseless thanks.


Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank YOU for coming to support the NewWorks Festival and supporting the local arts and especially supporting student artists. At Leatherbound, our motto is “We are the Creators,” and by being here and supporting these students, you are supporting and empowering the future creators and the future of theatre.


Thank you,


Riley Dun & Mitchell Huntley

(Co-Founders of Leatherbound Productions)

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