Leader Of The Pack: The Ellie Greenwich Musical - April 13 - April 15, 2018

Lebanon Catholic School

 A message of thanks from the director 

If you ask the cast of "Leader of the Pack" if they were excited when I announced that LC would be doing this show this year, I think the general response you'd get would be "no way". After a few years of doing fairly popular and well known shows, they didn't seem particularly enthusiastic about  a show that nobody had even heard of. 


I think if you asked them if they were excited about the show NOW, they'd have a much different answer. 


One of the things I have loved about this year is that it is proof that good music transcends time and age. The way in which the cast has embraced and fallen in love with the music in this show has been an absolute joy to watch. This is a bold claim, but I'm not sure I have ever directed a show in which the cast was this into the music. They're singing it a cappella in three part harmony during breaks. They're humming it in the hallways. They're listening to it at home. I can see the passion and energy when they are singing and dancing on stage. I know first hand that you will see it as well. 


The love of the music has been one of many things that we needed to carry us through difficulties this year. While preparing for this show, we encountered a number of stumbling blocks that probably would have worn most students down, discouraged them, and made them question why they even participate in something like this. The miraculous thing is that it had the exact opposite effect on this cast. That is a testament to the resilient and phenomenal students that are involved in this production. When we were faced with issues, they didn't allow them to bring them down. In fact, they used them to fuel their desire to be better. The combination of their determination, passion, and sheer talent is what makes this show, in my opinion, one of the best that has ever graced the Lebanon Catholic stage. We are so blessed to be able to participate in the Hershey Theatre's Apollo Awards this year where we will compete against 21 other local schools in a "Tonys" style awards' show that acknowledges the achievements of high school theatre. This opportunity has truly brought out the best in the cast. Here on Assumption Hill, we pride ourselves in being "small, but mighty". From here on out, I propose we change that to simply "mighty". Our sports teams aren't intimidated by larger schools, our academics compete with and many times go above and beyond what other schools are capable of, and I refuse to let our Theater Department be any different. In fact, almost 43% of all students in grades 7-12 are involved in the Spring Musical in some capacity. That is an INCREDIBLE amount of participation in one activity for a school. There is nothing small about that. But we are mighty, indeed. 


The young people involved in this show are so incredibly talented, and it is such a gift from God to have the opportunity to work with them. You will truly be transported to a different time as you watch them perform today. Thank you for your support, and we hope you leave with a smile on your face! Let us also remember to thank Christ, the source of all Love, without whom none of this would be possible. 


I will leave you with the wise words of Rodgers & Hammerstein in their beautiful musical, "The King and I":


It's a very ancient saying
But a true and honest thought

That if you become a teacher

By your students you'll be taught


I couldn't agree more. 


God Bless, 

Lauren Shuyler, Director

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