Leader Of The Pack: The Ellie Greenwich Musical - April 13 - April 15, 2018

Lebanon Catholic School


Be My Baby  
Backup Girls, Ensemble
Wait 'Til My Bobby Gets Home  
Darlene, Ensemble
A... My Name Is Ellie  
Young Ellie
Jivette Boogie Beat  
Mickey, Young Ellie, Shelley
Writers' Crossover  
Jeff, Keith, Pete, Joey, Lon
Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Hearts?  
Gus, Darlene, Backup Girls
Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry  
Darlene, Ensemble
I Wanna Love Him So Bad  
Ellie, Girls, Christopher, Boys
Do Wah Diddy  
Jeff, Boys
And Then He Kissed Me  
Ellie, Backup Girls
Hanky Panky  
Jeff, Ensemble
Not Too Young To Get Married  
Darlene, Backup Girls
Chapel of Love  
Ellie, Girls
Songwriter’s Medley  
Ellie, Jeff, Gus, Pattie, Backup Singers
Baby I Love You  
Jasmine, Backup Girls
Leader of the Pack  
Annie, Girls
Look of Love  
Christmas - Baby Please Come Home  
Darlene, Backup Girls
I Can Hear Music  
Annie, Backup Girls, Ellie, Jeff
Rock of Rages  
Da Doo Ron Ron  
Ellie, Ensemble
What a Guy  
Ellie, Ensemble
Keep It Confidential  
Gina, Backup Girls
We’re Gonna Make It After All  
Ellie, Gina, Darlene, Ensemble
River Deep Mountain High  
Darlene, Ellie, Ensemble
Exit Music  
Darlene, Ellie, Ensemble

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