Leader Of The Pack: The Ellie Greenwich Musical - April 13 - April 15, 2018

Lebanon Catholic School

 Thank You 

It is truly impossible to properly thank all of the people who helped to make this production happen. The immense outpouring of generosity that we have received has taught me that people are always willing to give in one way or another, you simply have to ask. With that being said, I would like to thank the following groups and individuals for their extreme kindness:




Mrs. Becky Leedy - For leading set construction, your positive attitude, your willingness to make things work, for trusting my vision, and making it a reality! You are amazing!


The Lebanon Catholic Performing Arts Alliance - For your generous donation that helped to bring us the talents of some amazing musicians!


MaryAnn Skulski - For all of your hard work! You help make these kiddos look amazing!


Parents - For our encouragement, patience, generosity, time, and wonderfully raised children... Without you, this production could not have happened!


Anyone who helped paint and produce our sets - You make us look good!


Jeff Andrews, Bryce Hains, & Dave Mohl - For your donation of time and energy to make sure everyone can hear how wonderful the cast sounds on stage. 


Mrs. Kathie Hatzfeld and all of the parents who donated food and drinks during this past week of dress rehearsals - What a wonderful treat for all of us!


Mrs. Sheri Deimler - For your generosity in planning the Cast Party!


Tony Measley - For answering my neverending questions and encouraging Lebanon Catholic to be a part of the Apollo Awards.


Italian Village - For your incredibly generous donation of pizzas for our Saturday rehearsals!


Softball and Baseball Coaching Staff - For being flexible and sharing both students and space!


Administration of Lebanon Catholic - For helping this production become a reality.


For all donations, large and small - Every little bit helps!


Mindy Eckert - For your generous donation of gorgeous Lularoe clothes at our fundraiser!


DJ Matrix - For donating your time and talents at our Jivette Boogie fundraiser!


Nicole Zimmerman - For your fundraising flare! You helped us raise so much money this year with your fabulous ideas!


Mr. Gregory Davis - For always having big ideas and a positive attitude, for the energy you bring to the students, and for taking care of my big sis... (and being OK with her spending so much time in Lebanon!) Thank you!



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