Godspell - June 04 - June 06, 2021

Lockport High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Melissa Saloman* head shot

    Melissa Saloman*

    Melissa is excited to be a part of Stage Crew this year working in Projection! She’s been a part of the LHS Drama Club ever since Freshman year. Melissa really enjoys being a part of all drama related activities, such as the musicals, one-acts and plays! In her free time she enjoys the art of animation, which is why she is going to Villa-Maria College in Buffalo for Animation. She is saddened by the fact that this will be her last musical, but happy for future endeavors.

  • Tyler Souliske* head shot

    Tyler Souliske*

    Follow Spot Operator

    Looking into future adventures, his set idea is still in waiting, whilst many thoughts battle it out for supremacy on what college and courses he wishes to partake in. The three most on his mind, although, are English teaching at the College level: Paleontology, and Independent Writer or Blogger.  And, about that list of those he wishes to thank -- that would be, in no order at all, an Andrea Aldritch, a Lori Smith, a Robert Souliske, a Chris Souliske, Robert Sr. Souliske, a Heather Killion, a Susan Udell and a Mike Udell, a Brittany Souliske, and a friend who inspired Mr. Souliske to begin his path of getting better grades and pushing himself out of that anxious shell, but of whom wouldn’t want their name listed here.

  • Tiffany Sprung* head shot

    Tiffany Sprung*

    Student Stage Manager

    Tiffany has been involved in the crew since Freshman year. She has served as both Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager. She spends way too much time in this Auditorium each year and has received a Theatrical L for her work. She has developed a love for both building and technical theatre and will be taking this passion to NCCC for a start in A.S Engineering Studies and hopefully some minor work in Technical Theatre. Her career plans are to either become a Civil Engineer or a Stage Manager. Even though she loves this community dearly, she is graduating early to move on to bigger and better things. She would like to thank specifically Mr. Wilson for all the laughs and for eating snacks each day with her, Mr. D for all his encouragement, support, and lessons through the years, Amanda (her sister) and Marshall (her favorite lighting tech and booth buddy) for their support and for the great memories made, and lastly her parents for their love and support.

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