Godspell - June 04 - June 06, 2021

Lockport High School


Break a leg my dramatic Lions - Gallo


We are so proud of you Jason for letting your light shine. — Love, Mom and Dad


Jackson, I’m so glad we got to do this together! I’ll miss you next year! - Joan


Shout out to Senior Tiffany Sprung for another super job!


Good luck to the cast and my favorite crew member, Tyler S.— Ms. Swanson


Break legs, people! - Mr. Pacillo


Charlie, you are so funny, and I’m glad we got to do this together! - Joan


Best wishes to this year’s cast and crew. - Mr. Scapelliti


Good Luck Nick! - Mom, Dad, Maddie + Jimmy


Thanks for all your hard work! The LHS Green Club


Cast + Crew: you are all amazing! Always enjoyable + entertaining - Mrs. Bull


Sierra + Jess, I am so proud of you both! Love you lots <3 - Jordan


Cast + Crew - Congratulations on all your hard work! Mrs. Tuchols


¡Felicidades a todo! - Srta, Hamluk


Tiffany, Tiffy, Tiff-Toff, Tofefe, Tiffy-blue-hair...Sprung. Congratulations on being stage manager this year! - Mr. Martin


Cast + Crew - Congrats on all of your accomplishments! You all never fail to amaze me! Mr. Cercone


Shoot for the STARS! Cast + Crew


Cast + Crew - Good luck and enjoy! Mrs. Long


Good Luck!


Break a leg, cast + crew! - Mr. Wilson


Team Godspell - This is just another step towards your next achievement. Be your best! Molinaro


Please thank all of your hard-working cast and crew members.


Good Luck Ellie, Charles, Brianna, Jessica, Joan, and the rest of the cast and crew! Mr. Griffin


Your light sure is shining bright, proud to call you my little sister – Love, Livy


Way to go Joanie!


Sierra, I love you dog!!!! - your little sister, Ellie


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