Frozen Kids - April 18

McClelland Elementary School

 Who's Who 

  • Steffi Medina-Membreno head shot

    Steffi Medina-Membreno

    Steffi Medina-Membreno [they/she] is absolutely excited to play the role of Queen Elsa in tonight’s performance of Frozen: Kids, preformed by our theatre club! :) She also played Willy Wonka in last year’s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: Kids production; this is their last year playing in a musical in this school so they hope tonight is the best!

    Their interests mostly include animated shows or musicals, such as Something Rotten and Falsettos! She’s also interested in all things JerJor! Drawing is one of their passions, mostly drawing their favorite things!

    She would like to thank her mom for picking her up after every rehearsal and allowing her to participate in ANOTHER musical, and also Mrs. Newby and Mr. Scanlon for helping everything run smoothly and offering us another opportunity this year after the major one they offered last year! PS they’d like to add special thanks to Jeremy Jordan for being all of their inspiration :3 (He’s awesome check him out.)

  • Alaya Davison head shot

    Alaya Davison

    Alaya is super excited to be in this year’s Frozen cast. Tonight she is playing Anna, in this McClelland production. Some things that Alaya enjoys doing are, crafting, reading, and playing piano. A fun fact about her is that at a young age she enjoyed the movie Frozen which motivated her to try out for this show. Alaya’s favorite part of the musical so far is when she runs onto stage in the First Time In Forever and spins the handmaiden around in a circle. In addition to her bio, Alaya would like to thank Hannah, Ella, Lyla, Steffi, Madeline, Elijah, Davyn, and most importantly Mr. Scanlon, and Mrs. Newby. Everyone on the cast, and their directors (Mrs. Newby & Mr. Scanlon) have helped so much, pushing all of them to be their best selves. She would also like to thank her family for encouraging her to do her best, and being as supportive as possible. Alaya loves her role in the play, and is so excited to see this show come together.

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