Frozen Kids - April 18

McClelland Elementary School

 Shout Outs 

Bella Villalvir-Davalos- We are so proud of you Mom-Dad-Maya-Riti


Camilla Bailey- Camilla - We are proud of you and all your efforts in this production. We can't wait to see what you do next! Love, Mom, Dad, Nana, Grandma, Papaw


Mariana Solano- We are so proud of all your hard work, you’re amazing! -love , mom, dad and Junior!


Rosie Roberts- We’re so excited to see you in Frozen! So proud of you and love you so much! - Mom & Michael


Donovan Roberts- You’ve worked so hard and we’re so proud of you! Frozen will be so awesome! - Mom & Michael


Ella Ashcraft- Way to go Ella! So proud of you. Mom, Dad, Em, Grammy, and Papaw


Elijah Cervantes- We are so proud of all your accomplishments! Love, Mom & John John


Ellianna Rivera- We love you and are so proud of you! -Mom, Dad, Chase, Zane, Sage


Jaxtyn Pack- We are all so very proud of how hard you have worked and how willing you were to step out of your comfort zone! Love, Mom, Nana, Scott, Dad and Sabrina


Kiara Campos- Mi negrita hermosa te amamos! Tu familia


Lailah Sconiers- Lailah we are so proud of your drive to be great! 2 ROLES! That means double the talent and double the fun! Remember: we know where you live.


Dejia Goss- Dejia, You are so amazing! We love you and always so proud of you! -Mom, Dad, and Bro


Vivienne Petrie- Vivienne: We are excited to see you in your first musical! We are so proud of you! -Mom, Dad & Jameson


Scarlett Miles- We love you and are so proud! - Mom and Carolyn


Leanna Cox- We are so proud of you!! You have worked so hard! -Mom,Dad,and Kenzlie


Isabella Medina- We are so proud of you! - your family


Serenity Richmond- Keep making us proud! Love Mom, Dad & Savannah


Kezyiah Hill- We are beyond proud of you and your dedication! -Your mommy, big brother, gg and paw paw

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