Frozen Kids - April 18

McClelland Elementary School

 A Note From the Directors 

Thank you so much for coming to support our students! This musical is another example of the community support we utilize to put shows together. We are so proud of the growth and confidence we have seen in these students. We have 17 students students returning to the stage this year. They have been great leaders for our 24 new cast members as we have taken on a brand new challenge in this complex musical. This show has been such a team effort in the way the pieces fit together. We had very high expectations of the students this year, and the students have met the challenge with a great energy and attitude. This year we also expanded our stage crew team to include 10 students who met to focus on creating and building Elsa's ice castle. The stage crew has also done an amazing job changing sets and costumes backstage.


Our entire school worked together to create snowflakes to help transform our theater into Elsa's snowy landscape. Staff members made flower boquets for our cast and folded playbills. Family members of staff members worked together to fix costumes and build sets/props. Many people donated to our DonorsChoose project to help us get costumes, props, and items for set pieces. Community businesses dontated money to our theater club to help us fund the musical for this year and next year. 


We cannot thank our administrators and production team of staff members enough for all of their support and hard work. They made sure we felt supported every week by supporting our students in building the castle, painting backgrounds, running songs/lines, writing bios, learning dances, and even standing in when cast members were absent. This would not be possible without you. You are the dream team! 


We are so thankful for all of the staff, family, district, and community for their support. They have worked so hard for the past six months, and we are so excited for you to see what they have accomplished! We hope you enjoy the show!



Scan me! If you would like to donate any money to help with future musical productions at McClelland, please scan this QR code and follow the prompts. We greatly appreciate all of your support! 

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