Mary Poppins - February 21 - February 23, 2020

Mifflin County High School Drama Club


The MCHS Drama Club would like to thank:


- Mike Demi, Jennifer Hartzler, Aimee Hubley, and all the art classes for the time put in into painitng the wonderful sets and set pieces.


- Amy Graham, Olivia Graham, MCHS Life Skills class, paraprofessionals, and many teachers for helping create the wonderful costumes.


- Tom Shearer for creating this year's poster.


- Amy Graham, MCSD Cad Classes, and Rebecca Conner for creating many of the props for the show. 


- Doug Cunningham, Doug Prough, MCHS Key Club, and MCMS Drama Club for helping with ticket sales and ushering.


- Tom Shearer, Erik Liebegott, Glenn Kyle, Dave Schulze, and Darrin McClure for constructing the many sets.


- The MCHS Drama Parent Group for donating food, supplies, helping various things, and everything they've done to contribute to the show.


- Teachers of the school district for their cooperation and understanding of the time commitment of the production.


- The MCHS custodial staff their help and understanding.


- Mr. Crosson, Mr. Campagna, Mr. DeArment, MCHS office staff, and school board for their continued support and acknowledgement of the arts.


- Amanda Moeller, John Pannizzo, Aaron Amspacker, East End Coffee Company, Wilson Meats, Harshbarger's Sub N' Malt, MCHS Athletic Boosters, Korrie Bubb, Rose Schulz, Tom Shearer, Carrie Wagner, Rob Haines, Tara Reeder, Amanda Hertzler, Sherry Gross, Beth Haines, Diane Stewart, Susan Queen, the MCHS office staff, the Sheetz family, the Wert family, the Fultz family, the Leonard family, the Liebegott family, the Hartzler family, the Gays family, the Conaway family, the Wagner family, the Fitzgerald-Wagner family, and the McDorman family for the donations.


- ZFX Flying, Jennifer Thompson (flying producer), and Sean Roschman (flying director) for helping with the fly system.


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