Chicago - High School Edition - November 17 - November 19, 2022

Mount Anthony Union High School Drama Club


Rachel Bibens (Liz) Rachel is a junior at MAU, this is her second year performing for MAU drama club and is excited for everyone to see Chicago.


Alison Cancellieri, (Mary Sunshine) Alison is excited for Chicago! She is thrilled to be featured as Mary Sunshine in all four performances. She’s played Mrs. Peacock in Clue, Miss Lark in Mary Poppins, Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, and Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet as well as other featured roles in her theatre career. She is planning to study for a Bachelor’s of Music and eventually study conducting somewhere in New England.


Fynn Caron (Ensemble) - No Bio Available


Bella Casalinova (June) Bella is playing as the murderess June, the infamous chicken dinner murderer! She hopes you enjoy the show, and feel free to sing along!


Natalie Conroy (Roxie Hart) Natalie is a senior this year and has been participating in theater since she was in second grade. She has been seen previously in Mamma Mia, Clue: High School Edition, Jingle Jangle Jubilee, and All Together Now. Natalie is very excited to be performing as Roxie Hart and hopes that you enjoy the show! She would like to thank her mother, friends, castmates, and directors for all of their support.


Hailey Decker (Ensemble) Hailey is a junior this year. Hailey is a part of MAU drama, Chambers and chorus. Hailey was also a part of Mamma Mia as an ensemble member. She is excited for you to see the show!


Lucy Driscoll (Ensemble) Lucy is a freshman at MAU and this is her first appearance in a show. She is very excited and hopes to be in many more.


Kelly Endres (Ensemble) Kelly had such an amazing time in her first show, Mamma Mia, that she decided to appear again in Chicago.


Russell Endres (Fred Casely) Russell is an Eagle Scout that spends his free time helping out young scouts within the community. This is his first time in a drama production since 8th grade. He is super excited for everyone to see our show!


Gabriella Giorgi (Roxie Hart) Gabriella is a senior here at MAU. She began acting in the first grade as a Who in Seussical and hasn't stopped performing. Gabriella has been in over twenty productions, her favorites being Mary Poppins (Jane Banks), Clue (Yvette) and Mamma Mia (Lisa) all here on MAU's stage. Gabriella is thrilled to have Chicago as her last fall musical and she is excited to go out with a bang!


Kylan Glaski (Ensemble) Kylan is an 11th grader seen on stage for the first time since Elementary. She would like to thank her parents for making it possible to get transportation for Drama Club. She’d also like to thank her sister for pretending to be other cast members when she rehearsed.


Amelia Gordon (Ensemble) Amelia is a freshman at MAUHS. She is starting her theater career with the fall production. She enjoys many other activities such as Band where she plays tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, she enjoys reading, and is an artist! She is beyond excited for the show and she hopes you are as well!


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