Chicago - High School Edition - November 17 - November 19, 2022

Mount Anthony Union High School Drama Club


Cast Members  
Velma Kelly  
Isela Otero & Jocelyn Millette  
Roxie Hart  
Natalie Conroy & Gabriella Giorgi  
Fred Casely  
Russell Endres  
Rachel Bibens & Amanda Pamies  
Veronica Jarvis & Trinity Madison  
Bella Casalinova & Samantha Nolan  
Oleviya -Saige McCart & Cameron Parks  
Katalin Hunyak  
Zoey Zazzaro  
Matron "Mama" Morton  
Emma Jansch & Nicky Ivey  
Amos Hart  
Thomas Saunders & Brandon Mazza  
Hezekiah Snide & Elijah Wright- Cancellieri  
Billy Flynn  
Morgan Song  
Mary Sunshine  
Alison Cancellieri  
MC & Reporter  
Clay McDonald  
Colin Nesbit  
Georgia Paine  
Ryan Nesbit  
Fynn Caron, Lucy Driscoll, Hailey Decker, Kelly Endres, Kylan Glaski, Amelia Gordon, Finn Lepage, Emily Maikoo, Jamie Manthei, Colin Nesbit, Ryan Nesbit, Elizabeth O'Dee, Georgia Paine, Kaelene Pallman, Payton Russell, Faun Realmuto, Drew Snyder, & Lily Zieba

Set Construction

Alfonso Giorgi, David & Sheila Spurr, Brian Coon & the SWTech Building Trades students and staff, Chicago HSE Cast and Crew


Special Thanks!

MAU Staff and Administration, Erica Cummings, Brian Coon, Tracy & Terry Raetz, Erica Hadcock, Judi Estes, Billy Myers, MAMPA, Mel & Nicole Madison, the families and friends of our cast and crew and all who helped out after this program went to print!


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