Chicago - High School Edition - November 17 - November 19, 2022

Mount Anthony Union High School Drama Club


Dear Lucy, Break a leg! Love, MiMa and Pop Pop


Good Luck to the Cast and Crew of Chicago from

Richard A Cutler Construction Co Inc.



Big shoutout to Morgan Song, one of CCV’s Early College students this fall!

Dear Kylan, good luck with your first MAU theater performance! Love the Infinity Pet Services team


Dear Jocelyn we are so proud of all that you do! Keep tea for the stars!

Grandma and Papa Raetz


BRAVO to the cast and crew of Chicago HSE.

Keep making the music happen.
Faller Music Co.



Lucas, We are so proud of you, all day, every day. Keep trying new things and spreading those wings. Love, Madre and Padre


The Parents, Friends, Neighbors and Teachers of all the Cast and Crew would like to collectively acknowledge the dedication, commitment and absolute passion EVERY SINGLE member of the MAU Drama Club brings to and shares with our community. Your lights shine bright, and make our community that much stronger. Keep reaching for the Stars! - Your Adoring Fans


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