The Addams Family - October 03 - October 06, 2019

Munster High School

 End Notes 

The Secret to Great Theatre


In determining a central concept for The Addams Family, the word “secrets” came to mind.  Wednesday and Lucas keep their engagement a secret.  Gomez keeps a secret from his wife. Alice Beineke has a secret about her marriage that she tells only to Morticia.


We have taken that idea of “secrets” into much of this show.  Be on the lookout for different “secrets” that the set, costumes, and lighting all hold for you as we entertain you with this classic television family!


That being said, there are probably two groups of audience members here today:

  • Those who have seen the show and/or movies:  You are familiar with the main characters and their idiosyncrasies.  Though I normally tell actors not to watch video footage of other productions, I have urged them to find episodes of the original television series to gain ideas for their characters.  We have worked hard to present to you the Addams clan as you remember them!


  • Those who are not familiar with the show and/or movies:  Maybe this is your first time seeing this show. If so, we hope you will enjoy the outlandish characters you are about to see!  With Halloween just around the corner, may it help put you into the spirit of the season! And if something doesn’t seem quite right about a character’s behavior, it’s likely an homage to the original characters.  I encourage you to go watch the original television show to further enjoy the family!

Now despite the fun and nostalgia of the show and its characters, there is a tremendous message in all of this.  On one hand we have the Addams, who seem to be an oddball group of people related to each other (but whose mother IS Grandma?).  On the other hand, we have the Beinekes, the seemingly “normal” American family. But as we follow the struggles of Wednesday and Lucas in their attempt to announce their engagement, deeper layers of both families are revealed.  By the end of the show, you may be wondering which family is “normal,” and how does your own family compare to these two.


I am extremely grateful to the students of MTC and Peggy Matantic's Technical Theatre classfor dedicating their time and talents to this production.  This show features so much student work, and the growth that all have made has been wonderful!  This production showcases a wide range of talent, from our experienced veterans to those just making their first foray into theatre with this show!  Theatre is a collaborative effort; no one person can make it all happen.  I hope you enjoy the efforts of their work!


--R. Palasz



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