The Addams Family - October 03 - October 06, 2019

Munster High School

 Who's Who 

  • Hunter Hamer head shot

    Hunter Hamer

    as Gomez

    Hunter is new to theatre. For his debut, he will be playing as Gomez in The Addams Family. He's been in the MHS Chorale for a year and has performed in many concerts. He's really excited to perform with his friends and put on a show for students, families, and friends!

  • Ariel Velasco head shot

    Ariel Velasco

    as Morticia

    Ariel joined theatre her freshman year and debuted her acting career in Pirates of Penzance as a member of the daughter chorus. Throughout her high school years, Ariel has participated in Tarzan, The Refugee Women, and performed the role of Willa in the Trials of Robin Hood. Just recently, she served as the student director of last year’s musical, Hairspray. Ariel has enjoyed playing the role of Morticia and is looking forward to performing in front of an audience.

  • Camryn Hayes head shot

    Camryn Hayes

    as Wednesday

    Camryn began theater at the age of 6 through The Little People's Theater Company where she played roles in Annie (2010), The Emperor's New Clothes (2011), and Grease (2011). She also was featured in a segment of Romeo and Juliet at Theatre at the Center during the summer of 2015; and participated in Ms. Nelson is Missing as part of the WWTC. Since coming to MHS, Camryn has participated in many MHS productions. Camryn plans to continue theater in college.

  • Chris Canul head shot

    Chris Canul

    as Fester

    Chris has been in theater since 7th grade and this is his first lead role. He loves performing and does improv, musicals, and other types of shows. He was Devin in the preshow of The Ransom of Miss Elverna Dower, Poe in Haphazardly Ever After, and have been in the ensemble in Willy Wonka and Tarzan. He also worked stage crew for Hairspray.

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