Much Ado About Nothing - May 01 - May 02, 2020

Munster High School


Cast Members  
Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon.  
Hayden Stanley  
Benedick, of Padua, companion of Don Pedro  
Joshua Korwek  
Claudio, of Florence, a count and companion of Don Pedro  
Hunter Hamer  
Balthasar, attendant of Don Pedro, a singer  
Zachary Tucker  
Don John, "the Bastard Prince," brother of Don Pedro.  
Bradley Bieniak  
Borachio, follower of Don John  
Chris Canul  
Conrade, follower of Don John  
Raymond Palasz  
Leonato, governor of Messina  
Thomas Weakland  
Hero, Leonato's daughter  
Camryn Hayes  
Beatrice, niece of Leonato  
Sarah Espiritu  
Antonio, an old man, brother of Leonato  
Alyssa Sangueza  
Margaret, waiting-gentlewoman attendant on Hero  
Madison Bevil  
Ursula, waiting-gentlewoman attendant on Hero  
Margaret Matanic  
Friar Francis, a priest  
Andrew Wittkamp  
Dogberry, the constable in charge of Messina's night watch  
Isidora Pavlic  
Verges, the Headborough, Dogberry's partner  
Alyssa Sangueza  
A Sexton, the judge of the trial of Borachio  
Molly Manion  
The Watch, watchman of Messina  
Molly Manion  
Production / Creative  
Technical Director  
Andrew Wittkamp  
Video Management and Logo Design  
Sarah Resch  
Sound Operators  
MJ Migliore, Josephine Mittelberger
Scenic Design for the intended stage production  
Amanda Jonquet  

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