Much Ado About Nothing - May 01 - May 02, 2020

Munster High School

 Who's Who 

  • Hayden Stanley

    as Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon.

    Hayden's niche for Theater came at a very young age when he loved watching movies and could quote large lines with relative ease. Growing up he loved to act out parts of his favorite scenes and pretend to be the character and last Fall he finally joined the Munster Theater Company to start up his career of one day being an actor. His first role will be as Don Pedro in the MTC production Much Ado About Nothing.

  • Joshua Korwek

    as Benedick, of Padua, companion of Don Pedro

    Josh Korwek is a Freshman at MHS and has performed in The Addams Family (Ensemble) and Discovering Rogue (Roger). Other theatre credits include: Romeo & Juliet (Ensemble), Hamlet (Ensemble), Much Ado About Nothing (Watchman) and The Tempest (Ferdinand) at the Theatre at The Centre; and Crazy Town, I Never Saw Another Butterfly (Loudspeaker) and The Beverly Hillbillies (Jethro) at Wilbur Wright Middle School.

  • Hunter Hamer

    as Claudio, of Florence, a count and companion of Don Pedro

    Hunter started his first year in theater on a high note with his first role as Gomez Addams in The Addams Family musical. He's been in different choirs and music groups and looks forward to participating in more shows for his last year.

  • Zachary Tucker

    as Balthasar, attendant of Don Pedro, a singer

    Zachary started his career in theatre when he was in 7th grade, and from 7th to 8th grade year he helped out with two of the middle school plays. Since entering MTC Freshman year he has helped with the two plays, and two musicals. Much Ado About Nothing will be his first play as Stage Manager!

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