Robert Fulgham's All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten - October 06 - October 09, 2016

Munster Theatre Company


Crew Members  
Lane Terry  
Stage Manager  
Erin Bryce  
Assistant Stage Managers  
Zoe Burnett, Brooke Metzger, Robert Young
Production Manager  
Ben Stiffler  
Sound Designer  
Joseph Bellahcen  
Lighting Designers  
Matt McCraw
Andrew Vicari
Kim Giannini, Sydney Hamill
Ani Arzumanian, Elliott Fus
Scenic Construction, Scenic Artists  
Jude Ouyon, Grace Rau, Clara Terry, Jason Zajac
Hair and Makeup  
Analia Aguilera, Christina Burzynski, Madison Dinga, Taylor Fishman
House Manger  
Hannah Levy  
House Staff  
Cameron Adams
Richard Druziga
Amanda Jonquet
Bradley Goralczyk  
Master Carpenters  
Matt McCraw
Megan Eickleberry



Upcoming Events



Improv Nights:  November 17 and 18 at 7 PM

Join us for a night of game improv, a la "Whose Line is it Anyway"!  We'll be setting up seating ON THE STAGE for a truly intimate atmosphere, the way improv is meant to be enjoyed!


Novice Play:  February 9-12

The students take over EVERYTHING on this show, as it features our newest performers and technicians!


Wilbur Wright Play:  February 23-25

Come support the middle school students as they show us what is coming up to the high school in  a few short years!


The Pirates of Penzance:  May 4-7

Join us for a a new version of the classic Gilbert and Sullivan musical to end the 16-17 season!

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