Robert Fulgham's All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten - October 06 - October 09, 2016

Munster Theatre Company

 Who's Who 

  • Adam Mohrs (Ensemble)

    The Ransom of Elverna Dower was a very fun play to do, and in many ways reminds him of this play. The cast has been excellent and fun to work with. Theatre class was also very fun and he learned a lot of things about acting that he is using here.

  • Alex Bleza (Ensemble)

    Alex Bleza is a senior and a four year member of Munster Theater Company. She started acting in productions at St. Thomas More School in 2009 and since then has appeared in high school productions of Up the Down Staircase, Fiddler on the Roof, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. She plans to follow her passion for music while studying in college by joining university vocal ensembles.

  • Ben Peters (Ensemble)

    Ben Peters has been in many shows including Honk, Alice in Wonderland Jr., The Little Mermaid Jr., Aladin Jr., Peter Pan Jr., Moses and the Burning Within, Children of Eden, Working, The Election, Too Fabulous to Fail, and Cinderella. He enjoys working with friends and meeting new people through the theater company.

  • Bradley Goralczyk (Ensemble)

    Self proclaimed "guy who shows up and helps," Bradley Goralczyk has been in the Munster Theater Company since his sophomore year of High School. You may know him as the guy who would "love some of your nuts" in Too Fabulous to Fail, but Bradley is better known for working backstage when without a role in the current play. This year, he is looking to have a position in as many plays as possible.

  • Camryn Hayes (Ensemble)

    Camryn was featured and some plays in her younger year such as Annie, The Emperor's New Clothes, and Romeo and Juliet. She was also in a small group that did numerous of different scenes from different plays and performed them when she was 9.

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