Kodachrome - February 19 - February 20, 2021

NY Thespians

 From the Director 

I hope you all fall in love with this play as deeply as I have.  The more time I've spent in Colchester, CT with these characters, the harder I'm finding it is going to be to let them go.  


In a review of another production, Ben Waterhouse said, "At its heart, Kodachrome is about the mysteries of love: where it comes from, what it's good for and where it goes.  Put together, these moments encapsulate what it is to be a person navigating the rocky waters of love.  There are some surprises along the way, but most of the characters' struggles, hopes, and fears will likely feel familiar, because they're your struggles, hopes, and fears as well.  It's tender and poignant and awkward and funny all at the same time - you know, just like life."


I agree.  As I directed this play, I felt the emotions of these characters...recognized them in my own love and loss stories. There were times I was transported back in time to first loves, relationships and breakups...the raw emotions and sweet memories all rolled into one.  I hope this play speaks to your heart as it has mine.


I would like to take a minute to share with you how much these students have touched my life.  Their dedication to this play, their characters and most importantly to each other has been incredible.  In a time of isolation, these students have created community.  They have developed friendships and encouraged each other, they have been problem solvers and each others' cheerleaders!  This is what I LOVE the most about theatre...the strength in community that is created!  


A special thanks to NY Thespians for entrusting me with this project!  The journey has been a blessing in my life.  My heart is full!


Kristie L. Farr (Director)

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