Kodachrome - February 19 - February 20, 2021

NY Thespians

 Who's Who 

  • Emily Monfort head shot

    Emily Monfort

    as Photographer

    is an 11th grader at the Valley Stream Central High School, and is active in both sports and Performing Arts. She also enjoys playing the violin and cello during her free time. Previously, Emily has been cast in many productions such as Shrek Kids as Pinocchio, Murder by Indecision as Victoria, 30 Reasons Not to Be In a Play as multiple characters, Bagful of Fables as Aesop, The Lion King Jr. as Rafiki, Once On This Island Jr. as Asaka, Seussical as a dancer and a Who, and Letters to Sala as Elisabeth. She would like to thank her family, friends, and teachers for supporting and encouraging her. She would also like to thank the Lord and Ms. Fuller for giving her this opportunity. She is very excited to put on a performance with her peers, and she hopes you enjoy the show.

  • Josh Nixon head shot

    Josh Nixon

    as Gravedigger/Young Man

    is a junior, and so excited to be a part of the New York Thespians All-State Performance of Kodachrome. He has considered himself a performer ever since the 8th grade, when he was cast as Young Simba in the musical, The Lion King Jr. In addition, he has been cast as Agwe in Once on This Island, Mr. Green in the play, Clue, and even the flamboyant Cat in the Hat in the musical, Seussical. Clearly, Josh has played varying roles by means of increasing his flexibility of expressiveness in the performing arts. While he is not acting, singing, or dancing, he also enjoys playing the trumpet, running for Cross Country, and even learning more about business. Admittedly, Josh is undoubtedly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing play, and would like to thank his friends, family, and especially Mrs. Fuller and the cast for making this experience an unforgettable one. He appreciates you for reading this far and hopes you enjoy the show!

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