Beauty & the Beast Jr. - April 05 - April 06, 2024

Nathan Hale Middle School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Tassneem Boulekhyam head shot

    Tassneem Boulekhyam

    Stage Manager

    Tazz is in 8th grade is excited to be stage manager in Beauty & the Beast Jr.! This is her sixth production and unfortunately last at NHMS. She was a part of the set and run crew of Akeelah and the Bee and High School Musical Jr. and stage manager for Ghost, Matilda, and Roshambo. She's excited for the show and hopes you enjoy it!

  • Gabriella Taccone head shot

    Gabriella Taccone

    Stage Manager

    Gabriella is a 7th grader at NHMS. This is her fourth show doing crew and lights. She has worked in Ghost and Matilda as assistant stage manager. She has also done Roshambo and Beauty and the Beast as stage manager this school year. She is very excited for this production and hope you enjoy the show.

  • Patrick Boland head shot

    Patrick Boland

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Patrick is in 7th grade and is happy to be working on the production of Beauty and the Beast. He worked in the run crew of Matilda and was the assistant stage manager in Roshambo. He hopes you enjoy the show.

  • Kellan Profusek head shot

    Kellan Profusek

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Kellan is in 7th grade. This is his third play at NHMS. He has been in crew for all the shows here. Kellan is excited for the musical and hopes you like it to.

  • Zoe Williams head shot

    Zoe Williams

    Lighting Crew (Lead)

    Zoe is the lighting lead for Beauty and the Beast Jr.! She has been in lighting since Akeelah and the Bee, and is very excited for this year’s musical. She hopes you enjoy the show!!!!!

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