Beauty & the Beast Jr. - April 05 - April 06, 2024

Nathan Hale Middle School


This year's production combined the unique and varied talents of over seventy students, staff, and community members. The entire ensemble would like to say a very special thank you to the following:


- Mr. Crouch, Mrs. Sweeters, and Ms. Murillo for their support from the very beginning all the way to the very end.


- Mrs. Peckham for her support (and her keys and supplies!).


- Mr. Alltop, his support and for helping with the fight chroeography. 


- Andre & the NHMS custodial team for their hard work to keep the theater clean and ready for showtime!


- Dr. Estrella, Mr. Pennington, Mrs. Leibowitz, Mr. Gerlach, Sen. Duff, and the NPS Board of Education for their continued support of the NHMS Theatre Department.


- Danielle Tagariello, Sara Church, and Mary Lester for taking the lead this year on all of our parent communications and activities. The BEST Drama Mama's in the world! 


-Keith Parmalee, Anne Radecki, Michelle Todeschini, Micah Smith, Sara Church, Vanessa Imperati, Brian Boland, Natasha Hill, Craig Profusek, Heather Haigh, Carrie Maiya, Mary and Barrett Lester, Bruce Riznyk, and Melissa White for joining us on our parent build day and being so supportive and productive. 


- Ron & Lisa Kirby for helping acquire some of the set pieces and their help with making the cast shirts.


- John Schule for everything and anything we needed!


- Jenn Fritz for her support and for helping make the cast shirts. 


- Colin Hair and Michelle Todeschini for our last minute Lowes pickups.


- Melissa White for additional prop creations.


- Vanessa Imperati for additional costume creations.


- Mrs. Richello, Amy, Emily, and Jillian for making the prop food.


- Ellie, Lily, Mallory, and Jada for helping cricut shirts during lunch.


- All of the families who donated snacks and dinners for our cast and crew.


- And of course, every single parent, guardian, or family member who supported their student through this journey through provincial France from auditions to closing night. We are so fortunate to have your support and love! 

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