Cendrillon - December 13 - December 15, 2019

North Broward Preparatory School




Bruce Fawcett, Head of School



At North Broward Preparatory School it is our mission to enable students to immerse in work that is meaningful and connected to their passions. We see these connections being made in our classrooms, on our athletic fields, and certainly within our myriad fine arts programs. The pursuit of excellence in fine arts can be transformative for students. Disciplines that are developed and skills that are deepened can shape life trajectories for all participants, not just those who will ultimately pursue a career in the fine arts.


As I reflect on my own education, learning to create art both in physical and digital formats taught me to look at the world through multiple lenses. Standing on stage and running lines helped me understand the connection between excellence and persistence. Honing a line in a poem helped me understand the power of a well-crafted message. All of these lessons have impacted my life in positive and unexpected ways.


Beyond the purely practical aspect, fine arts in their various forms expand our world view, build empathy, aesthetic appreciation, gratitude, and help us more fully engage with our world and each other. As a community, we believe that when students are passionate about and committed to their own development, their knowledge and skills are impactful well beyond the classroom.


I am looking forward to the many evenings spent enjoying the NBPS student work on display throughout the year. I am confident that I will, alongside you, laugh, cheer, applaud, hold my breath, and even shed a tear. We have so much to look forward to as a community.




Bruce Fawcett

Head of School



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