Cendrillon - December 13 - December 15, 2019

North Broward Preparatory School

 Who's Who 

  • Carson Altimari head shot

    Carson Altimari

    as Le Roi

    Carson Altimari is thrilled to be participating in his first stage production at NBPS! Carson would like to thank Mr. Bates and Miss Korkosz for being  awesome teachers and always making him laugh. He would also like to thank his family for all their love and support.

  • Elyse Brachfeld head shot

    Elyse Brachfeld

    as Prince Charmant

    Elyse Brachfeld is thrilled to be playing the part of the Prince in her 5th opera, Cendrillon! Elyse would like to thank Ms. Korkosz and Mr. Bates for inspiring a passion in her for music and for helping her to continue opera in college.

  • Juliana Castillo head shot

    Juliana Castillo

    as La Fee

    Juliana Castillo is thrilled to be part of her third opera at North Broward. She is currently a junior and is so grateful to share the stage with such a talented cast. She would like to thank Mr. Bates, Ms. Korkosz and Mr. Petruzzi, for all their hard work and endless dedication in putting the opera together. She would like to thank her family for their constant love and support. Enjoy the show!

  • Nadezhda Fufaeva head shot

    Nadezhda Fufaeva

    as Les Esprits & Townperson

    Nadezda is proud to be participating in this year's production of Cendrillon. She would like to thank Miss Korkosz and Mr. Bates for their coaching and guidance and her cast mates for a wonderful experience. Enjoy the show!

  • Charlotte Greggs head shot

    Charlotte Greggs

    as Madame de la Haltiere

    Charlotte Greggs is thrilled to be a part of Cendrillon! This is her third opera at North Broward Prep. Charlotte would like to thank Ms. Korkosz and the entire music department at North Broward Prep for such an amazing and unique opportunity as well as her family and friends for supporting her throughout the process of learning and performing this opera.

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