Songs For A New World - November 06 - November 15, 2020

Northeast Alabama Community College

 Song & Cast List 

Opening Sequence: The New World  
Cecilia Pleva, Holly McGullion, Garan Tinsley, John Mark McGullion
Opening II: On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1942  
Halle Huber, Madi Farrow, Shana Acray, Elliot Jackson
Just One Step  
Autumn Pentecost
I'm Not Afraid Of Anything  
Madi Farrow
The River Won't Flow  
Cecilia Pleva, Georgia Willams, Rylee Hancock, Cody Carlton
Transition 1  
Georgia Williams
Stars and the Moon  
Kayleigh Smith
She Cries  
Cody Carlton
The Steam Train  
Cecilia Pleva, Kayleigh Smith, Jason Wright, Rylee Hancock
The World Was Dancing  
Holly McGullion, Halle Huber, Garan Tinsley, John Mark McGullion
Surabaya Santa  
Shana Acray
Christmas Lullaby  
Andrea Okwu
King of the World  
Jason Wright
I'd Give It All For You  
Rylee Hancock, Georgia Williams
Transition 2  
Elliot Jackson
The Flagmaker, 1775  
Sara Markham
Flying Home  
Madi Farrow, Autumn Pentecost, Garan Tinsley, Rylee Hancock
Final Transition  
Georgia Williams, Holly McGullion, Elliot Jackson, Garan Tinsley
Hear My Song  
Shana Acray, Kayleigh Smith, Rylee Hancock, Cody Carlton

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