Songs For A New World - November 06 - November 15, 2020

Northeast Alabama Community College


Crew Members  
Director of Theatre  
Kayleigh Smith  
Technical Director  
Brad Archer  
Administrative Assistant  
Trey Gilliland  
Music Director/Bass  
Stacy Morris  
Vocal Director  
Rylee Hancock  
Assistant Director/Drums  
Brax Harris  
Aimee Fincher  
Jarrod Blackwell  
Assistant Videographer  
Baley Young  
Stage Manager  
Crystal Chandler  
Audio Engineer  
Lucas Smith  
Lighting Op/Master Electrician  
George Barreto  
Lighting Designer  
Landon Gaines
Lighting Designer  
Wyatt Hall  
Lighting Designer  
Sabrina Jones  
Lighting Designer  
Kane Higdon  
Makeup Coordinator  
Kaylee Willingham
Makeup Coordinator  
Jade Hernandez  
Costume Coordinator  
Skyler Kasinger
Costume Coordinator  
Ruby Thompson  
Jason Robert Brown  





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