The Pajama Game - July 11 - July 12, 2019

OC Performing


Thank you God, for everything! "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." 


Jim Andreoli Sr., Jim Andreoli Jr., and Baker Commodities. For the past four years, you have faithfully donated to our organization. We could not have been able to provide opportunites for our participants to take part in the experience of a Broadway style musical, without you. 


Cashmere and Robert Wielenga. We are so grateful for the generous donations that you selflessly provide to our foundation every year. Your support has helped us grow, thank you!


To our Circle of Sponsors; without your help we would't be where we are today:

Isabel & Sergio Paviolo

Gary Frost & Grayce Cruden

Timothy Ong

Joe & Gee Gee Fierro

Gabriel Lopez

Bob & Tammy Felix

Derek & Isabel Hollingsworth

The Urquico Family

The Thompson Family

The Cronin Family

The Fuchs Family

Farrel Stevens

The Wattier Family

And Accurate Technologies

The Spazafumo Family

And The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation – Matching Gift

Seven Gables Real Estate & Michelle Scolaro

The Leyson Family

The Guerra Family

Ron & Stacey Thomas

Dr. Stephanie Herring



Special thanks to Dave Logan who assisted Nick Thompson with the creation of the Knife Throwing Set... and Greg and Connor Dapkus for the Hernando's Hideaway sign.....simply awesome!


To all the parents, guardians and family members who supported our cast by bringing them to rehearsals, fundraisers, and believing in what we do.. you are greatly appreciated!!!


To the entire La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Staff and Volunteers. We are amazed how you provide such a great service to your rental clients. A big shout out to Helene Duarte, who always makes us feel special, and Bill Bell who worked closely with us. 


Lastly - what a cast!!!! So many new faces!! Your talent, kindness and love towards each other has made this journey so rewarding. The heart of our foundation is we are open to everyone, and dedicated to providing those with Autism to be able to participate in the arts. We love being able to provide opportunities for those with desires to play in a lead role, the chance to do just that! The magic, wonder, beauty and life that is theatre, can only be experienced in a live setting. It is our sincere desire to see everyone achieve their performing arts goals, even if those goals are just to have some fun working in a production. Join us for our next production...


Free pre-production workshops start Saturday, August 10th!!!!

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