The Pajama Game - July 11 - July 12, 2019

OC Performing

 End Notes 



I love the theatre! There is no other form of performing arts that encompasses so many of the arts; acting, singing, dancing, creative collaboration, design and performance. 


When I was young, I remember hearing all the wonderful songs from this musical. A few years back, Fullerton Children's Rep put on "The Pajama Game" and I saw the show, as some of my voice students were in the cast. I was amazed at how many songs that were familiar, were from this musical! I'm sure you will find yourself singing along with us by the end of the show!


There are so many moving pieces to putting on a show of this magnitude. It is not just one person, but a collective effort from everyone involved. Our goal whenever we choose a production, is to present something that has not been done many times before within our geographical region, and one that has many roles so that our cast members have a chance for speaking/singing lines/roles. Thank you to my crew who have shown such innovation and commitment to our production. 


One of my favorite directors is Nancy Meyers (The Intern, The Holiday, What Women Want); in the movie the Intern, Anne Hathaway plays a company CEO who rides her bike around the office. A personal homage to Nancy Meyers was added to our show.


As we started rehearsals, it became very evident that the show was going to be so much fun. Funny, funny, funny!!! There were times during rehearsals that I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!!! The cast members just endeared themselves to me and I am grateful to have had the occasion to work with them.  A couple of special shout outs to Connor, Robert, Casey, Shanelle, and Wayne who consistenly helped me bringing props in to rehearsal. 


My deepest appreciation to my husband Dan; your patience through afternoons and nights without me, while we were rehearsing, having dinner waiting and always a kind word and uplifting thoughts about our production helped me more than you can imagine. We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary...and I am more in love with you and full of more life than ever. We are just getting started baby......


My Sister Robin; to say thank you and that I am grateful for you isn't big enough for all the help you have given me in doing these past two shows. I know that Mom is up in heaven looking down and saying "I am so glad my two girls are working together" what a joy to be with you on this journey. 


Lastly, by beautiful pooch, Rocko. Little guy, without your love my world would just not be as good. Thank you for always being such a good boy. 


To our audience....we hope you have as much fun watching this show as we have had putting it on and performing it for you. This is your once a year day!


Kal Paviolo





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