The Pajama Game - July 11 - July 12, 2019

OC Performing


Crew Members  
Kal Paviolo  
Choreographer/Assistant Director  
Robin Felix  
Executive Producer  
Dan Paviolo  
Supervisor, Theatrical Weaponry  
Nick Thompson  
Technical Director  
Bill Bell  
Master Electrician  
Rob Felix  
Sound Engineer  
Josh Bessom  
Zach Ortiz  
Assistant Audio  
Flavio Diaz  
Spot Operator  
Jonathan Guerrero  
Associate Director  
Connor Dapkus  
Associate Executive Producer  
Robert Dickey  
Associate Producer  
Emily Gjevre  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Carmen Martinez  
Make - Up  
Valerie Tetreault, Gee Gee Fierro  
Costumer - The Theatre Company  
Jenna Minor  

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