82nd Annual OM Show: A Musical at the Museum - April 14 - April 15, 2023

OM Keystone Association


Act 1  
A Musical  
Allen Stone, Wayne Morgan, John Mazzone, Full Cast
Live in Living Color  
Tony DiPeitro, The Dance Experience, Specialty Dancers
She Used to be Mine  
Shelby McCauley
Brand New You  
Shayna Swain, Ian Neill, Youth and Teen Ensamble
I Know Him So Well  
Andrea Faith Ybanez, Cassidee Knapik
It's Time to Dance  
Madison Perkowski, Faith Boilard, Allen Stone, Holly Gonyea, Allison Julius, Teen Ensemble
OM Keystone Association Members
Think of Me  
Christina Micari, Wayne Morgan
Ya Got Trouble  
Kevin McCauley, Youth, Teen and Adult Ensemble
Beautiful Medley  
Allison Julius, Jena Doolittle, Maria Salice, Dina Annino
OM Keystone Songs  
OM Keystone Association Members
Raise Your Voice  
Christina Micari, Andrea Faith Ybanez, Allen Stone, Allison Julius, Adult Ensemble
On My Own  
Latanya Farrell
When I Grow Up  
Aubrey Garcia, Brianna Wolf, Kelsie Archambault, Allison Julius, Jackie McCauley, Madison Perkowski, Full Cast

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