82nd Annual OM Show: A Musical at the Museum - April 14 - April 15, 2023

OM Keystone Association


Our 2023 OM Keystone Show Committee


Show Chairperson

Tori Faggaini


Artistic Director

Allen Stone


Assistant Director

Wayne Morgan


Front of House

John Mazzone



Charlie Soto

Tori Faggaini



Claudia Skarb



Holly Gonyea



DJ Marcoux

Wayne Morgan


Sound Designer

Joe D'Addese


Light Designer

Don Coombs


Refreshments/Cast Dinner

Special Events Committee:

Ruth DelMonte

Elizabeth Mazzone

Judy Turco

Diane Devnew

Jackie McCauley


Graphic Designer

Wayne Morgan


Show Consultants

Paul DelMonte

Kevin McCauley





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