Minus Some Buttons - January 29 - February 06, 2021

Riverfront Playhouse


Cast Members  
Penny Patterson, the new fourth grade teacher  
Mindy Kaplan  
Clarence Olander, school principal  
Brad Shortridge  
Myrtle Dixon, administrative assistant  
Jessi Rodriguez  
Richard Wingfield, fourth grade teacher  
Faiz Siddique  
Ms. Danley, Penny's fourth grade teacher  
Elizabeth Thompson  
Jules Richter, superintendent  
Kevin Michael  
Doris Crumley, fourth grade teacher  
Kayla Bushong  


Time and Place


Our story takes place somewhere in the Midwest (probably Oklahoma, according to the author). It's late summer - beginning a few days before the start of school until a few days after. The time is present day (or at least the present day in our altered-reality where kids were able to start school in person instead of via Zoom).


All of the action takes place over four days at Graceland Elementary School, except for a few scenes that take place in Penny's memory.


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