Cabaret & Cabernet - April 14

Saginaw Choral Society

 Meet the Cast 


Ric Roberts, tenor - Ric spends most of his waking hours either in the theater or talking about the theater. He fell in love with musical theater at a very young age and that love carries through to his devoted students as Chair of the Theatre Department at SVSU. Ric says he couldn’t possibly name a favorite show but was “totally blown away” by the recent NBC Live production of Jesus Christ Superstar.


Jim Smerdon, tenor - If Jim could have grown up to be a funny guy who could sing like Danny Kaye or Donald O’Connor, he would have. Oh wait, he did! Aside from singing, Jim always wanted to be a Conservation Officer. Probably because he spent his summers combing the ditches in front of his house for minnows and crayfish, and hunting for snakes and bugs in the backyard. First movie? Incredible Journey, and he quips, “Not the one with Michael J. Fox!”


Nancy Stevenson, soprano - In high school, Nancy and her friends skipped class to run to Baskin Robbins for a decadent-sounding Daiquiri Ice. A self-proclaimed consummate rule follower, she thought she was being super rebellious! Someday, Nancy wants to be a “skinny, singing, retiree” and spend summer afternoons with snacks and a cooler in 80-degree weather on a pontoon boat. Or, to see Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard or Abby Mueller in Beautiful!

Keven Washburn, tenor - On a trip to Washington, DC, when he was in 8th grade, Keven got to see a dinner theater production of Beauty and the Beast. Many musicals, meals, and drinks later, Keven now stands in awe of Colm Wilkinson’s performance of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. He went to St. Paul Lutheran School and spent many summers swimming and playing video games. Keven says he wants to be “a firefighter” when he grows up! Bravo Keven!

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